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Just recently many new features have found their way to the IQ Option trading platform. Designed with the sole purpose of making your trading experience even smoother, they are guaranteed to strike a chord with you. Read everything you need to know about all the new features and platform updates in this one article.

Smart Newsfeed

If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely have to, and here is why. A professional currency/equity trader relies heavily on the news he gets, as important announcements and events are almost guaranteed to move the market. But it is quite inconvenient to get your news from several sources, while reading all the same things over and over again and missing the important pieces you are actually looking for. That’s where the Smart Newsfeed makes its appearance.

New Platform Features Will Change the Way You Trade
Smart Newsfeed has four different sections with information on different market segments

Tailored to your personal taste and trading style Smart Newsfeed can make a huge difference. Now you do not have to consult any external sources. All the information you may need when trading with IQ Option — be it Forex, crypto or equity markets — can be found right here on the platform. In order to take a closer look at the news that have been thoroughly selected for you, click on the ‘Market Analysis’ button in the left bottom corner of the screen.


Let’s be honest, your success in trading — to a great extent — will depend on the analysis tools you use. And the chart type is no exception. Heikin-Ashi, sometimes dubbed ‘a better candlestick’ is a brand-new chart type you might want to try. The name stands for ‘average bar’ in Japanese.

New Platform Features Will Change the Way You Trade
Heikin-Ashi looks smooth and points to the prevailing trend

What’s the secret behind its success? It is truly unique. While regular candlesticks are the product of four points (open, close, high and low), Heikin-Ashi is calculated according to the formula:

Close = (Open + High + Low + Close) / 4

  • This is the average price of the current bar.

Open = (Open of Previous Bar + Close of Previous Bar) / 2

  • This is the midpoint of the previous bar.

High = Max of (High, Open, Close)

  • Highest value of the three.

Low = Min of (Low, Open, Close)

  • Lowest value of the three.

It may look complicated but what you get in the end is kind of a smoothed candlestick chart that is great at spotting the prevailing trend. In other words, this is both a chart and a trend-following indicator. Heikin-Ashi definitely deserves your attention and can be found in the ‘Chart Type’ section in the bottom left corner of the trader room.

New Indicators

There are never too many indicators. When using a variety of different tools, you increase your chances of making a correct prediction and, therefore, winning.

New Platform Features Will Change the Way You Trade
New indicators can add a new dimension to your trading

Ichimoku Cloud, KDJ, DPO and Belkhayate Timing are now available on the IQ Option platform. All indicators (including the old ones) can be found in the ‘Indicators’ section in the bottom left corner of the screen. Ichimoku Cloud is an indicator that combines features of trend-following indicators and oscillators. KDJ is a trend-following indicator. DPO helps to eliminate the influence of a major trend on short-time price fluctuations. And finally, Belkhayate Timing is an oscillator-type indicator that will help you spot optimal entry and exit points. By the way, here is an article about the DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator) that technical analysis lovers will definitely find useful.

Now when you know what is going on with the trading it is time to dive into the exciting world of trading and test the new features yourself.

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