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Sometimes traders report difficulties logging into their IQ Option accounts. It may happen for different reasons and often can be fixed really easily. If you are experiencing issues with the log-in procedure, here are several points that may help you resolve it.

1. Check your account credentials

The most obvious but also most common issue is entering wrong account credentials – login and password. On IQ Option, one may register an account with an email address or a phone number, so please double check it and make sure that you enter the correct information upon logging in. 

If you can’t remember your password, you may use the “Forgot password” option on the login page. This option will work only in case you are logged out of your account on all devices (including your phone), so please make sure to log out and then proceed with the steps that the system suggests.

Another important thing to do: make sure you did not create another account by mistake. By the rules of the platform, it is forbidden to create multiple accounts, so each IQ Option trader should only use one. One account includes two balances in it: the Real balance and the Practice one. If you have more than one account, choose the one you wish to use and close the other one.

2. Clear cache and cookies in your browser

Sometimes the issue can occur due to technical difficulties. In case you log in, but the page doesn’t load, try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. It will help you delete the cached files and the website will resume working as per usual. To clear cache, just go to the settings of your browser and make sure to delete the cache for the period of “All time” (not just the last couple of days). Once it is done, please try to log in again using your credentials. 

You may also double check the issue in a different browser or in the “Incognito” mode of your browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera), as well as on other devices or platforms (Desktop app, Mobile app).

3. Contact the Customer Support

In case none of the above helped and you still experience issues with logging in, you are welcome to contact the Customer Support. You can do it by writing to the email address support@iqoption.com or calling the Customer Support line phone number specified on the website. When you write an email, please make sure to send it from the email address connected to your account and try to describe the issue in detail. If you see an error message, please enclose a screenshot of it. 

An issue with logging in is nothing to be worried about, simply follow the steps above and contact our specialists if necessary. 

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