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Let’s take a closer look at an often-overlooked feature called ‘Market Analysis’. It can be accessed in the bottom left corner of the trade room. This is something most traders will find useful. Why? Because it is basically 4 features in 1: up-to-date news, Forex calendar, earnings calendar and crypto calendar. No matter what asset you trade, you will find all the relevant information that you may need.

Where to find this feature


Thanks to this feature you’ll have an opportunity to access all the important news in one place. No need to consult the external sources. Major events that have the potential to move the markets, will find their way to the smart newsfeed. As you probably already know, currency exchange rates and asset prices in general are subject to major economic and political events. By following them a trader can be prepared to a sudden price swing and get a chance to understand the nature of the said movements. You could follow the news even if you are not going to trade on that particular day in order to stay up-to-date.

Forex calendar

The exchange rate of national currencies is usually moved by important events (political, economic) and announcements. That’s why following them would keep you up to date and  aware of the latest happenings. Economic reports, interest rate decisions and speeches of the presidents of central banks — in other words, everything that can influence the exchange rate of both major and exotic currency pairs — can be found here. ‘News’ have to do with current events. Forex calendar, in its turn, is a list of upcoming events that can — and most certainly will — trigger a volatility spike. You can, therefore, choose an event beforehand and follow the price of related asset as the announcement is being made. Note that in this tab you can also filter the news by impact, country and category.

News as it appears on the IQ Option platform

Earnings calendar

This section will suite those interested in CFDs on stocks. Fundamental factors play an extremely important role in stock price formation. Once a quarter, all publicly traded companies post an earnings report, where they disclose key financial performance data. Earnings calendar for stocks is like a Forex calendar for currency pairs. Stock prices depend on the intrinsic value of a corresponding company. When a company does well financially, stock prices follow. When key financial metrics in the earnings reports disappoint the investors, stocks lose in price. In other words, Earnings calendar is a list of events that can influence the price of a particular company. Obviously, it can be used to estimate future stock prices and open the deals. By knowing the report date and estimated earnings you can get an edge in your future trades. But you should also keep in mind that past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Crypto calendar

For those of you interested in cryptocurrency CFD trading, there is a special section dedicated to crypto news. Cryptocurrencies can go up or down hundreds of dollars following major announcements. Being a technology-backed asset class, they depend a lot on hi-tech features. Don’t be surprised that a lot of announcements in this section have to do with technological upgrades and developments. All in all, it words just as the previous two tabs.

Follow the news and forecast the price changes of your favorite assets with Market Analysis.

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