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The former bank employee who is now a developer doesn’t want to say too much about his newest project. Although he believes his effort could help people living under one of the world’s most oppressive monetary regimes. He needs others to help him with his mission: getting bitcoin in the hands of Venezuelan citizens by way of a massive mobile airdrop.

Nicholas Maduro

The problem? Venezuelan government often arrests people with deviating political opinions and has even gone as far as to ban technologies citizens have used to circumvent its censorship. Also, Venezuela’s government has already launched its own cryptocurrency, the petro.

Wheeler wants to use bitcoin to quell an economic crisis so severe people are finding it difficult to pay for necessities (food is in such short supply, in fact, the majority of the population is losing weight). He’s eager to share that the project is no longer just a lofty ambition sketched out on Medium, but that it has some legs – supporting a growing team developing a mobile app called Azul, which he hopes, by the end of the year, will be enough to draw millions in donations.

“To give it the greatest likelihood of success, it has to be done in masse. We’re trying to make this a large-scale collaborative mission to help people suffering from financial tyranny.”

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