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On 7 May 2016 at Spa-Francorchamps in Spa, Belgium, a race of the 6 hour World Endurance Championship (WEC) took place. For the Aston Martin Racing team, the checkered flag came down in a triumphant win. This time, the team finished with not only a double podium but also with their first victory in the championship series.

Race start

The crew of #98 – Pedro Lami, Mathias Lauda and Paul Della Lana – in their fight behind the wheel of their Aston Martin Vantage V8, attained their first 2016 victory in the GTE Am standings. Starting from pole position, in the words of Lamy, “The car remained very confident on the track so we had no doubt in our superiority and easily drove to first place. First pole and first championship victory – this was a great weekend.”

Race Winner - Aston Martin Vantage #98
Aston Martin Vantage #98

Vehicle #95 did not make it to the finish line due to a collision with another car during high-speed cornering. Nikki Tim was behind the wheel at the moment, but fortunately sustained no serious injuries and feels well.
Three winners of the GTE Am competition came out as follows:
WEC Aston Martin
Following this victory, AMR became the championship leader in the GTE Am standings. This is a very significant achievement, creating a foundation for future victories and eventual dominance in the entire championship year.
Second place on the podium was 3rd place in the GTE pro standings – Johnny Adam, Fernando Reyes and Richie Stanaway. They finished with 3rd place despite minor technical difficulties, yet they lacked quite considerable distance from the second-place position.
Final podium standings in GTE Pro:
WEC Aston Martin Racing Pro
The next race is 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most prestigious and toughest races in the world. We are glad that our partners Aston Martin Racing have managed to attain such an advantageous position in advance of such an important race to head into it in a good mood.
We wish them victory at Le Mans!

A brief overview of the racing weekend in Spa:

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