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Bitcoin ATMJune has witnessed an increasing number of bitcoin ATMs being installed all over the world. Unsurprisingly, the United States, Canada and Austria are among the global leaders. The US is accountable for 55 new installments. All in all, 91 new machines saw the light this month, which translates into a 7.4% growth MoM.

Bitcoin operators like Coinsource, Bitstop and Rockitcoin are responsible for the installments. Companies hope that by increasing the network of active ATMs they will not only draw the attention of the general public by advertising cryptocurrencies, but also increase the turnover and create higher buying pressure for bitcoin.

ATM operators do not seem concerned with an upcoming bitcoin hard fork — a radical change in the underlying technology that is likely to split the cryptocurrency in two. Nonetheless, the exchange rate of the first and by far the largest cryptocurrency can be negatively affected by the event.

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