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We’ve looked into the trading patterns of over 20 million of our clients and identified 3 actions the most successful traders take on the platform.

The best part? They are 100% FREE.  

Step 1: Play around with the Price Chart

Did you know you can adjust the price chart to your personal preference and trading goals? So simple, yet so useful for making more accurate predictions.


  • Hold and drag the chart to review earlier price dynamic.
  • Scale the chart by changing the display period between 30 days and 30 minutes.  
  • Choose the type of chart you want to use. Do you prefer Lines, Candles or Bars?

Step 2: Use the free Practice account

The Practice Account is a 100% free demo of the IQ Option platform with a replenishable $10,000 balance.

The practice account is always available for you to use – just click on your balance in the right-hand corner!

Try it out right now: demo deals are risk-free.

Step 3: Change the trading instrument

Don’t stick to just one instrument or asset. Explore!

Click on “Open new Asset” to reveal all trading instruments at your disposal: Options, Forex, Crypto and CFDs.

The “hottest” assets (i.e. the most profitable ones) will usually be at the top of the list. Try them out in Practice mode!

IQ Option wishes you a pleasant trading experience!

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