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On June 13, 2016, IQ Option and “The Berlin Wall” of football – legendary Napoli and Real fullback Fabio Cannavaro – signed a cooperation agreement. With the signing of this agreement, one of the best-ever players enters the world of trading via the IQ Option platform.

“If you had told me I’d become a trader, I would’ve been very surprised,” says Cannavaro. He goes on to claim that today IQ Option is the most straightforward and accessible way to enter the world of trading.

Cannavaro singles out IQ Option for the technological advantages of the platform as well. “Personally, I was attracted by IQ Option’s innovativeness and use of high-level technologies,” he continues.

“Now I am at a new stage in my life, first making the switch from player to coach and now taking up binary options trading to begin my career as a trader.”

Years in professional sports helped Fabio Cannavaro to deal with risk and make responsible decisions. “A long time ago I understood that to be the best you have to take responsibility. You should be sure in all you do in order to reach success. My last choice was a pivotal one in my career – to become a coach, and the consequences of my actions grew larger.”

As a coach he has been responsible for uncovering the talent of a player and getting a feel for his potential. In his words, “A long time ago it was the coach who saw that I was destined to be a champion. Now years later, I see strong potential in IQ Option and envision this company as a leader in financial markets.”

The Italian champion knows from his own experience what it is to make bold choices. “If you have much at stake, you need someone to rely on.”

“I am back in the game.
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