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In one of the previous articles we’ve already talked about the security of your IQ Option account when conducting transactions and passing verification: Is IQ Option Safe? Your Questions Answered

However, traders’ security is their responsibility as well. Unfortunately, once in a while traders report being approached by persons who claim that they are IQ Option’s official employees and request that money be sent to them directly in exchange for trading services. Let’s unpack these situations and make sure that if you are ever in this situation, you know exactly what to do.

Someone messaged me on Facebook/ WhatsApp/ Telegram — is it an IQ Option employee?

The answer is always no. IQ Option employees never reach out to traders through social media. They never request for any actions regarding your funds either, especially when it comes to money transfers to somebody’s personal account or e-wallet. What are the steps one should take when being approached by a scammer who introduces themselves as an official IQ Option employee?

  • Check the medium where you are getting contacted: while it is possible to receive a call or an email from an IQ Option employee, they will never reach out to you through social media.
  • Pay attention to what the person is saying. If they are asking for money, promising a 100% successful trading strategy or offering their services, this is a scammer and even replying to them might be dangerous. The best solution is to ignore the message and block the contact.
  • If you received an email or a call, and you are unsure about who the person is, you can always contact the support team for clarifications. They will be able to check if the person contacting you is related to the company or not.

What can I do to make sure that I don’t get scammed?

There is no way to completely exclude the possibility of being approached by scammers. So in case this happens, you need to be prepared and think rationally. 

  • Never tell your personal account details to anyone and never give access to your trading account to anyone else except for you. IQ Option employees will never ask for your password.
  • Do not send money directly to anyone’s account or e-wallet — the only way to deposit to IQ Option is directly through the deposit page on the website.
  • Remember that by the rules of the platform, third-party trading is forbidden. Not only does it mean that IQ Option employees will never offer to trade for you, but also that if someone else trades on your account on your behalf, it is a violation and the account might get blocked.
  • IQ Option will never ask you to pay money to unblock your account. If someone offers you this — they are lying. 
  • If someone actually calls you from IQ Option, they will Introduce themselves, the name will be original, they will call to ask if everything works fine and share Market News if any. However, we will never request you to deposit, and will never promise any results.
  • IQ Option employees will never force, push, threaten or beg you for money.

I think I’m talking to an IQ Option employee. Can I check this?

Yes, of course. As was mentioned, you can always contact the support team and ask for clarifications. If you missed a call from an IQ Option employee because you weren’t sure, it is not a problem: our specialists will be able to schedule a call for you if necessary. 

Can I report a scammer?

Yes, if you have been contacted by someone who pretends to be officially employed by IQ Option, you can contact the support team and provide links to their social media accounts, screenshots and proofs, and our specialists will look into this.

However, please note that according to our Privacy Policy,  “Any use of Website with the Client’s username and password is Client’s sole responsibility. The Company shall not be held responsible for any such use, including for validation that Client is actually operating in his/her account.” This means that the company bears no responsibility in case of misuse of your account, and is not liable for the losses you may bear. Each trader is responsible for their own trading balance, so it is highly important that you are careful and protective of your funds.

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