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ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are an investment space gaining an increasing amount of attention right now – fuelled by the explosion of cryptocurrency valuations as well as the sheer volume of cryptocurrenices entering the market place.  

ICOs act as a means for start-ups to raise capital for growing their ventures outside of traditional financial channels.  Because ICOs act as an alternative avenue for raising capital ICOs are often referred to as crowdsales.  Let’s take a look at the top 7 recent ICOS.

1) Ahoolee – Hard Cap of $10Million Raised Sep 2017, next stage in 2018

Online shopping is the focus of Ahoolee – they are a search engine for products. Blockchain technology is applied to offer decentralized access to shopping (prices and volumes) data with increased accuracy. They are also seeking to significantly improve the amount and quality of online shopping data available as compared to current companies in this space.

2) Travelcoin – ICO ongoing

TravelCoin specifically acts within the travel segment. The coin offered facilitates rewards and transfer services for individual transactions regarding travel matters – such as handling bookings and tickets all in one place.  They key feature is that it offers easy adaptability – specifically allowing flexibility to deal with individual needs.

3) ROC – ICO Raised: $3Million

Rasputin Online Coin (ROC) is a company that offers premium, live broadcast adult entertainment to global audiences.  ROC coins are associated with Ethereum – Ethereum are providing backing for the company in exchange for a claim on future periodic earnings of live entertainment features from ROC.

4) SmartRe – ICO ends Sept 30th

SmartRe is focussed on the real estate segment. SmartRe tokens add value to homeowners and seek to overcome a number of issues regarding the finance related to homeownership – such as most efficiently handling equity tied up in a mortgage and facilitating international residence transactions.

5) EasyMINE – ICO ongoing

EasyMINE was created with a mission to simplify the procedure of establishing, developing and managing a cryptocurrency mine. The company tries to solve software bugs and glitches in this area and the service is targeted at basic level individuals all the way up to experienced mining teams.

6) PeerBanks –  ICO Raised $42,590,100

Build around Dapps, PeerBanks creates an even more decentralized blockchain structure in application, as compared to other cryptocurrenices currently in circulation. PeerBanks helps companies manage retirement accounts and pension plans. They also help companies so that employees can automatically get their money in their local currency upon retirement.

7) DDF – Raised $2 million

DDF concentrates on digital valuations. They are often referred to as the Domain Developers Fund and operate as an investment fund allowing investors to participate in growth in domain names and crypto currencies.

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