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Everybody knows Millennials love cryptocurrencies. Why? Because of several reasons. One of them is the technology behind them that promises to modernize the whole economic system of our planet, with no control of governments or banks. Another reason is the potential digital currencies have to make investors rich very fast.

That’s why, among millennials, cryptocurrencies were a popular choice to invest $10,000 in, in a recent survey of 1000 Americans: The study found that 9.19% of millennials (who are now between 18 and 34 years old) would invest the $10,000 in cryptocurrencies, compared to 4.04% of Generation Xers (35-54), and (3.08%) of Baby Boomers (55+).

Bitcoin remains the most popular choice, followed by Ethereum, and Litecoin: 76% of the millennials in the survey said that they would invest the $10,000 in Bitcoin, 12% in Ethereum, and 12% in Litecoin

The survey rankings of major cryptocurrencies match their market capitalization rankings. There’s only one exception: Ripple. It is third in market capitalization, and nowhere to be found in the survey rankings.

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