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Santiment is having some of its best weeks in the currently soaring crypto market. The token again touched a new high this week and gained 28 percent against USD over the week. The market cap of the coin also reached above $271 million and in the last 24 hours, trading volume of over $12 million is recorded.

Key Highlights

  • SAN/USD again touched an all-new high this week at $4.8 but could hold the peak value due to resistance
  • With support at $4.2, the pair is on a rise again and it gained around 25 percent week-on-week
  • SAN/BTC dropped by 11.5 percent over the week and currently testing the resistance at 0.00024 BTC

Santiment Market Cap

For SAN/USD, the week started with a jump in the value. Within 24 hours, the pair reached $4.3 from $3.5. But it had to face the strong resistance at $4.3. But also due to support levels forming between $3.9 and $4.0. But ultimately $3.9 acted as a pivot and initiated an upward movement. Within the next 24 hours, the token reached $4.8 to touch an all-new high. But the peak resistance pushed the token down until it found the support at $4.2.

SAN/USD graph

In the daily chart, with the support at $4.2, the pair is recovering, but it is recently facing a new resistance level at $4.4. The token gained around 4 percent in the last 24 hours.

Due to the resistance, the technical indicators are stabilizing. Stoch is around 40 percent and RSI is at 48 percent. Though still running bullish, MACD has slowed down by the recent resistance.

SAN indicators

Against the bullish Bitcoin, Santiment’s value dropped this week. From around 0.00026 BTC, the value dropped to 0.00023 BTC. The pair also facing a strong resistance at 0.00024 BTC.

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