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The terms “Broker” and “Trader” go hand in hand. But no matter how much a financial service provider seeks to provide transparency and customer-oriented support, traders rarely have the opportunity to gain deep insight into the company, its employees, and its work processes.

That is why we offer our partners an opportunity to ask our staff any questions and thus we can share the interviews from the third-party perspective. This time a team from Binaereoptionen.com spoke to our VIP Accounts Manager, Maged Zaki, and took an interview which offers a look behind the scenes and explains why IQ Option wants to contribute to the success of its customers.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your previous work history. How long have you been working at IQ Option?

Zaki: My name is Maged Zaki and I’m 33 years old. I was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where I also completed my German studies. Following the motto “It’s never too late to learn,” I am now working on my MBA (Master in Business Administration). I have 10 years of experience in customer support at international and German companies behind me and I’ve been working for almost a year and a half at IQ Option, and I enjoy it. My hobbies are diving, cooking and reading.



What is your position in the company? What are your responsibilities?

Zaki: I work at IQ Option as a VIP Accounts Manager. The work is mainly telephone customer service. I write emails or call my clients to answer their questions and solve issues. I call a trader if he or she requests a callback, or I take the initiative to notify them about something important or to wish them a happy birthday.

Sometimes, traders can’t buy or sell any options at IQ Option – why ?

Zaki: There are many reasons for this. It could be due to exposure, buying time or the internet connection.

If no options are available because of exposure, traders can’t buy options for this asset at this expiration date. It is also possible to see in advance if such a possibility is available or not. Because we are a serious broker and have certain obligations, we need to use exposure in order to pay profit to our traders.

What about verification – what is it?

Zaki: Well, verification is a safety measure to make sure that everything is valid. I mean to prevent fraud or terrorism including money laundering – we need to get to know our trader better through certain documents. In short, it is very important for our common security.

Why are you trying to support traders?

Zaki: This is a very interesting question. We have a common goal, the trader’s success is my success.

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