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The cryptocurrency market has fallen under intense pressure during the first quarter of the year. It was packed with issues including exchange hacks, exchange suspensions, and increased regulation from China. The cryptocurrency market is fairly illiquid as is, and these steep declines do not help, should many investors choose to leave the market and close their positions.

Bitcoin chart and market data by coinrate.com

Looking back in history, the second quarter often met with more optimism and bullish sentiment in comparison to the first one. Also, countries such as China seem to be moving in the right direction when it comes to regulation. China will soon move in and begin to regulate cryptocurrency as opposed to an outright ban of the digital assets.

Scalability is a major issue in the cryptocurrency space, and we are seeing solutions in regard to scalability becoming more mature as they prepare to hit the market going into Q2 of 2018. With scalability solutions launching for Bitcoin and other crypto protocols in the near future, more participants will be attracted into the crypto space. This is due to the fact that transaction times will be reduced in addition to the reduction of fees per transaction. This will clear up tons of space in the blockchain which will aid in solving the transaction backlog as well as the high transaction fees.

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