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Ninety-seven CFOs were asked, by CNBC, what they thought about bitcoin. Only 43 responded and almost 30% of them said “is real but in a bubble”. Then, another 14% said bitcoin “is real and still going higher”. 27.9% said the most famous cryptocurrency is a “fraud”. 30% of CFOs said they don’t know enough about it to have an opinion.

41.7% of the finance chiefs based in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East said, “bitcoin is real but in a bubble”. Only the 20% in the US said the same thing. 33% of these executives in EMEA, said it’s a “fraud”.

It’s not a currency we are using for a multibillion dollar business…it’s something we are curious about, we are very very open to, but we haven’t found a way to really integrate it into our business”, Karim Hajjar, chief financial officer of Solvay, told CNBC.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high on Sunday, breaking above the $8,000 mark for the first time ever, surprising everyone. The price of the cryptocurrency is up over 700% this year.

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