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Aston Martin Drive Day
Fast. Fierce. Fabulous.
Feel the thrill of racing by taking a passenger seat in an Aston Martin GT4 race car at the hands of a professional racing driver. Receive expert tuition from professionally trained instructors, before driving a variety of Aston Martin road cars on a range of demanding surfaces including the alpine road featured in the James Bond epic «Casino Royale»!

Every month IQ Option offers traders a new chance to win this exciting experience.

Grand winners of our month-long tournaments receive:

Round trip airfare
to London
2-night stay
at a 4* hotel
Transfer to the
racing tracks
Expert tutoring and the Aston Martin driving experience
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AMDD Participants Speak:


Aldo Nicodemi

Everything was perfect and really well organized. The IQ Option managers welcomed us at the hotel, in one of the most exclusive areas of London, with welcome gifts (the watch was very much appreciated). You could not ask for more.

Tomasz Zalewski

Tomasz Zalewski

The Aston Martin day was an amazing experience and really well organised. Despite not being sport cars fan I really enjoyed the day. My favourite was 1 mile straight speed track. Just pressed the acceleration and ‘felt’ what 6.0 litre engine is capable of:-)

Matthew Doherty

Matthew Doherty

Wow what an experience, an all expenses paid round trip from Australia to London. And then to top it off, the chance to drive several Aston Martin luxury vehicles. As the winner of the recent 2016 affiliate Singapore competition, it was an amazing experience driving the luxury Aston Martins, at the United Kingdoms Millbrook Vehicle Proving Ground. My highlight was driving the 2017 yet to be released Aston Martin DB11 with an astounding twin turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine. I managed to get it up to 175mph on the 1-mile straight. During the day we were exposed to 5 events which included “City driving”, “Alpine driving”, “The 130mph Velodrome”, “1 Mile straight”, and “5 laps with the 2013 and 2015 British GT champion, Jonny Adam”. We drove several models including the DB11, Vantage V8 & V12 and the Vanquish. Also meeting my affiliate manager in person and the co-founder of IQ Option, was both a privelege and high light. I now feel that IQ Option is more of a family, and not just an affiliate program. The Aston Martin is quite similar in many respects to the IQ Option platform. Fast, precise, cutting edge, and engineered to perfection. Thank you IQ Option.

Александр Горелов

Alexander Gorelov

I was fortunate enough to attend the AMR event in Millbrook, England at the invitation of IQ Option colleagues. I got the experience of driving 4 different AMs. My only regret is there is no Aston Martin service nearer than 600 km from my house. Great car! And I would especially like to acknowledge the wonderful reception by IQ Option! This was a well-organized event that I will gladly attend again, if I am so lucky! 🙂 Thank you IQ! I wish you further prosperity!