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If you’re looking to get into stock trading there are a lot of things to think about. You have to consider what to invest in, how much to invest in it, your strategy and your timing.

In the middle of all the things you have to do, have you ever considered what you shouldn’t do? Avoiding big mistakes is just as important as choosing the right strategies.

Some of these mistakes come from knowing the trading industry but others come from knowing yourself.

Get a head start on the others who are new to stock trading by avoiding these five mistakes.

Worst Stock Market “Strategies”

There are a lot of stock market strategies. Everyone has their opinion on why theirs will work better for you than someone else’s. When you’re choosing yours, make sure it’s one you can stick to that works with your goals and assets.

Being Emotion Driven

When you’re trading stocks, you need to stay objective. To be successful in trading you need to have a strategy. You can’t let your emotions distract you from making the choices you’d planned to make or that align with your trading strategy.

Stay strong and use reason, not emotions to make choices.


Overtrading is just as big of an issue as any. The only time there is to buy stock is when there is a signal. Not when you’re flush with cash or feeling lucky.

Make sure you have a signal that the time is right. It’s great if you’re feeling confident because of stocks you invested in that are succeeding, but stay on track. Only buy when the market tells you it’s the right time or your advisor does.

5 Worst Strategies

Relying on Luck

Beginners luck can feel or be real sometimes, but it’s never something to put money on. Luck can turn as fast as it comes and you’ll find yourself in deep trouble.

If you find yourself having luck in a certain type of stock, talk to your advisor or do some research. Your luck may turn out to be a market trend.

Have Unrealistic Expectations

The number of people who have gotten rich quick in the stock market percentage wise is minuscule. Stock trading is a game for those with patience and the intelligence to fend off urges.

Even the strongest and richest stock traders started out slowly. Don’t get impatient and give up, it’s a waiting game!

Forget to Save

Your investments are important but your future is more important. Avoid the idea of investing your entire savings, it’s not worth the risk.

Now that you know five of the worst stock trading strategies, you can rethink some of your current habits.

Make sure you stick to your plan and avoid making decisions with anything other than pure reason.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? How did you recover? We want to know!

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