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Bitcoin cash, however, can be used around the world as an actual currency, he says.

“Cryptocurrency users and developers around the world are adopting bitcoin cash at faster rates than bitcoin core,” says Roger Ver, one of the first investors of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin cash split off from bitcoin last year after a small group of developers decided to add upgrades that would improve transaction efficiency. The original Bitcoin is being referred to as Bitcoin core to differentiate it from the other version.

Ver, sometimes called “Bitcoin Jesus” because he was one of the first investors of bitcoin, said the Bitcoin core software is “slow, expensive and unreliable.” Instead, he recommends bitcoin cash, which is built specifically for transactions.

“All of these existing businesses are building their new products on top of bitcoin cash, just like myself as the CEO of bitcoin.com,” Ver said on Tuesday. His website helps investors buy and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“The economic path that bitcoin cash is on is the one that led to bitcoin’s original success, I’m incredibly bullish on bitcoin cash for the exact same reasons I was bullish on bitcoin back in 2011.”

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