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Apple is expected to hold its annual presentation and reveal new iPhones on September 12. Are you one of those vigorously expecting a brand-new iPhone? If yes, then this article definitely deserves your attention. And even if not, you should be interested in the upcoming event, as it is usually the time of outstanding opportunities for equity traders. AAPL shares can be expected to move — and move a lot — during the presentation itself and the days following the event.

Leaked photos of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

According to rumors, Apple will reveal three iPhones, two OLED and one LCD (all three with Face ID and edge-to-edge displays), a new Apple Watch, new versions of the iPad Pro and more. All phones are to be equipped with L-shaped batteries. The latter will ensure longer battery life. It is widely accepted that an upcoming iPhone will be called iPhone Xs. Its larger version will get the name iPhone Xs Max.

As always, a new iPhone is the most significant iteration of the company’s year-long business cycle. Should the products revealed during the presentation impress the investors and the general public, the stock price can be expected to go up, pushing the company’s market cap even higher above the $1 trillion mark. Should the opposite hold true and potential buyers leave the event disappointed, AAPL stock can be expected to plunge (as it happened a year ago after the presentation). Subsequent sales are of utmost importance, as well. New iPhone sales are watched closely by all industry experts as they constitute a substantial portion of the company’s overall growth.

AAPL stock price over the course of 4 years

AAPL stock has been growing without major retracements since at least May 2016, when the company was traded at around $92 per share. Now, one and a half years later, one Apple share is worth $218. Over the course of only 1.5 years the company has demonstrated tremendous expansion, even claiming the title of the world’s first $1 trillion company. But for how long will Tim Cook and his team manage to drive the AAPL stock price even higher? Some experts believe Apple is running out of growth potential and will soon lag behind Amazon, its closest rival in terms of market capitalization.

Judging by the prevailing long-term trend, Apple can still demonstrate at least limited upward movement. It is believed that in the months to come the world’s most valuable publicly traded company will grow even more.

Rated ‘Strong Buy’ by Zacks, Apple compares favorably to its competitors

This is how you can watch the event without attending the presentation itself:

Windows 10: using Microsoft Edge go to the Apple Events page in the browser.

Mac: using Safari on macOS 10.12 Sierra or later go to the Apple Events page in the browser.

iPhone: using a device running iOS 10 or later go to the Apple Events page in the Safari browser.

Other platforms may also work but their performance is not guaranteed. The event will start at 10 AM PDT.

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