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“IQ Option blocked my account”

A very popular statement read by our traders on forums. So let’s talk about how often we actually do block accounts without the owner’s consent and why this might happen:

Yes, we do block accounts of traders. How often? VERY RARELY.

Why we block accounts:

  1. When a trader uses someone else’s payment details to deposit or withdraw from the platform. It is of utmost importance for the traders to use their own cards and e-wallets to prevent money laundering;
  2. When our financial department notices suspicious transactions on trader’s account. In such cases, we block the account and ask the owner to confirm the operations;
  3. When we detect multiple accounts. Please note that the customer is obliged to register only 1 (one) Real account with the company. Thus, we keep the right to get the accounts blocked for the violation of our policy;
  4. When the account owner deliberately provides false information about his personal details, for example, this might happen with the underage customer, who set another date of birth or people who register accounts with names of their family members/friends;
  5. When trader refuses to provide his/ her documents to verify the account and confirm the identity;
  6. When the client occurred to be the citizen or resident of the USA, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea or Japan.

What you need to do if you can not access your account:

  1. Make sure that you are entering the correct login and password details;
  2. Check the Inbox and Spam folders of the e-mail attached to your trading account;
  3. If you find no e-mail from us, please contact our 24/7 Support team via the support@iqoption.com to get the fast and qualified assistance.


    • No account gets blocked without a solid reason.
    • You can always contact our support via the e-mail address support@iqoption.com to receive the information needed and get the account unblocked (if it complies).
    • As soon as we receive the documents or other proof of the actions being legal, we unblock the account straight away.
  • Blocking accounts for no reason is ILLEGAL and would get our operation suspended by now. So far we have grown to 15 million accounts and are expecting a further rapid enlargement once we release our new, even more professional and thrilling product.

Please contact our Support directly on any matter you wish to know about, as often people leave misleading comments guided by their emotional state or other factors, not connected to the objective reasons.

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