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Yaqin has been with us for quite a while and has become the IQ Option advocate. When he realized his trading potential, he started inviting friends to join the league and they now trade together on a regular basis. Here is his story in short:

– What is your name?

My name is Nurul Yaqin, I am Indonesian.

A regular trading day, fully equipped and wearing the IQ Option uniform
A regular trading day, fully equipped and wearing the IQ Option uniform

– What do you do for living?

I own a small recycling business

– What made you start trading binary options?

Before binary options, I knew trading only through Metatrader and local stocks. Yet, I never traded much on those platforms. The first time I tried trading binary options was with IQ Option. I started from the demo account on the Android app and found the interface very user-friendly. Therefore, I started trading on a real account.

– What has changed since then?

My first trading experience has ended with a great deal of losses because I was lacking the trading knowledge. Therefore, I started to learn how to read indicators, to analyze market, apply money management, and to understand trading psychology. With time, I started to gettting the profit gradually.

Finally, I feel certain that IQ Option can be a prosperous opportunity to succeed.

– Have you used other platforms, if so what are our strengths and wicknesses if to compare?

I once had an account with other broker. However, I think it has many drawbacks if compared to IQ Option. IQ Option seems to be more professional. The interface of IQ Option looks cooler and more user-friendly, easy to understand and to trade. Unfortunately, it takes more time for withdrawals to get processed in IQ Option. This is what makes the traders of IQ Option feel less comfortable.

– How did you learn about our VIP accounts?

A week after having opened a real account with IQ Option, I requested a VIP account. I liked the idea that VIP accounts have personal managers and one-day withdrawal process. In addition, VIP account has many differences compared to the regular account, particularly- the amount of profit return for some assets. Moreover there are pdf education files and super support.

– What are the benefits of the VIP?

The advantages of VIP accounts are having a personal manager who is always ready to help me if I have any problems. I just click the CALL BACK button, the personal manager will call me instantly to provide the assistance. The other advantage is that  the VIP account has a faster withdrawal process comparing to the regular account. There is free tournament participation too.

– How helpful do you find your manager? Give us an example when he/she really did their best for you.

My manager contacts me whenever I click the CALL BACK. It is as easy as calling my friend. For example, when I wanted to learn more about the deposit and withdrawal process via the debit card, I tried to call my manager by clicking the CALL BACK. The manager instantly called me and really helped me a lot.

– What is your success secret?

Success lies in the strong willingness, consistency, and patiency. Never give up easily!

If you try and fail- try again until you reach success
If you try and fail- try again until you reach success

– What would you advise to the new traders?

New traders, do not let your failure block your success. Success can be achieved when a trader does not easily give up and tries again and again. Keep learning from your experience and mistakes. Improve your trading skills continuously. Read a lot about trading, market, money management. Your success is in your own hands.

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