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This week one of the most successful traders on the platform, RODRIGO VAILATTI WAMDANN from Brazil, will share his trading experience. In the interview he explains what trading means to him and shares tips on how to become a successful trader.
– What’s your name?

– My name is Rodrigo Vailatti Wamdann. I’m 24, and I live in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

– What do you do for living?

– I’m a trader. I make a living from financial markets, and binary options in particular; this is what I spend 100% of my time on.

– Before you became our client, what did you know about trading, and did you have any trading experience?

– Prior to becoming a client of IQ Option, I used to work with another broker. Back then I didn’t know anything about trading. Somebody sold us a “wonderful” strategy that gave signals for when to enter the market. It was a complete disaster. Unfortunately, many people are delusional about financial markets; they buy courses, strategies, and other materials and tools that lead only to losses. As a result, these traders get the wrong idea about what’s really going on. Most of them lose all their investments and never come back. I had that experience as well, but I stayed. The only positive thing about my first trading attempts is that I learned how to use MT4. Other than that it was a letdown. Incidentally, I still have not been able to withdraw my money from that broker’s account.

– What was the most important thing for you when you were choosing a binary options broker?

Good reviews. I talked to those who were already using the platform to learn how everything works and if the payments arrive on time, see if there are any irregularities with the charts, and learn whether the profitability percentage is fair.

Did you read any learning materials when you started trading? What strategies have you used? Have you tried demo account?

Yes, I read tutorial materials. I think any information can be useful. I tried the demo account as well, but only to get used to the trading platform. Then I moved to a real account. The thing is, when you use a demo account you don’t take the psychological aspect of trading into consideration since you don’t trade with real money. It’s possible to be very successful for months using a demo account and then lose everything in a day on your real account because with real money your demo experience is irrelevant.

Which strategy interests you the most? Which strategy would you recommend for inexperienced traders?

There are many different strategies out there; those who’ve been trading for a long time know that strategy accounts for only 20% of your success. The most important things are risk management and psychology. These things are what any beginner should build upon. These things will allow to you be consistent, which is the most important characteristics of a good trader.

Often, the technical side of trading is not an important consideration in the minds of traders. Being able to withdraw your profit is. Have you faced any difficulties while withdrawing your money?

I’ve made a lot of withdrawals and never faced any problems. Usually withdrawal takes one day. On a couple of occasions I had to wait for three days but it never took longer that that. And now it’s even easier since I’m able to withdraw money using Neteller, which is quite popular here in Brazil.

Will you continue trading using the IQ Option platform?

Absolutely. IQ Option does its job very well. For example, this year profitability for turbo-options increased and the new version of the platform came out. I also enjoy the affiliate program quite a lot. I hope the platform will continue to grow, and I will grow with it.

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