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Lately we have been receiving a large volume of complaints concerning traders being scammed by the IQ Option managers. Needless to mention that these “managers” were not connected to us at all.

The world of trading can become a real ocean full of sharks for the newbies, and as much as we are fighting for the transparency and good service, there are scammers lurking in the darkness and searching for an easy prey.

How would you know that it’s not us?

    • IQ Option does not contact traders on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks;
    • The only way we contact traders is via messages within your account or phone calls;
    • If a person is calling from IQ Option: they will name themselves, the name will be real, they will be polite, they will call to ask how your trading is going and NOTHING more;
    • We do not ask for your account details, we already have them;
    • We do not ask you to deposit money, it is illegal;
    • We do not ask to send us money privately;
    • We do not offer strategies;
    • We do not offer secret signals;
    • We do not promise any profit, no one should.
How to Not Get Scammed
All our managers want is for you to have an ultimate trading experience

We call rarely and all we want is to make sure you are fine, not to push you to any actions or offer you opportunities to earn.

How to not get scammed and stay safe?

    • This may sound harsh BUT: only trust yourself;
    • If someone promises you fast and easy profit – they are telling lies;
    • All the Instagram accounts with photos of lovely ladies in their 50s or gentlemen in suits, making a lot of cash on trading and offering you help, are fake. Mark them as spam;
    • If you don’t feel comfortable with what a caller is saying – just hang up, scammers won’t call back;
    • If someone offers you to trade with your funds, think twice;
    • If someone is asking for your personal or account details, beware;
    • Contact IQ Option support team if you are not sure about someone who contacted you.
How to Not Get Scammed
There is no such thing as easy money. Source: The Wolf of Wall Street

Remember: we take measures to implement advanced data protection but if you choose to ask third parties for advice, assistance in trading and share personal details with them, you become responsible for the safety of your funds.

As per the IQ Option Privacy Policy:

    • In order to protect the Client’s privacy and operation with iqoption.com, sharing registration details by the Client with other persons or business entities is strictly prohibited.
    • The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Client due to improper use or storage of such username and password, including any such use made by a third party, and whether or not known to or authorized by the Client.
    • Any use of iqoption.com with the Client’s username and password is Client’s sole responsibility.
    • Read more here: https://iqoption.com/en/terms-and-conditions/privacy-policy

IQ team would strongly advice against trusting third parties and their strategies. The key to success lies in constant self-education, practice and patience.

The scammers can tell you that everyone can be a trader, what they won’t mention is that not everyone will be a successful one.

If you have fallen victim to fraud recently, please share your story and save others from a bitter experience.

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