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While Bitcoin continues to increase its price, specialists continue to debate the validity and convenience of this trend.

During the ValueBilbao conference, the Spanish investor was asked if he would invest in Bitcoin. His answer was convincing: “No, I’ve already been told that there are people who win blackjack on a daily basis, but I do not dare. I have not played bitcoin yet. It’s like red and black.”

Garciá Paramés referred to the price movements of the cryptocurrency:

“In case Bitcoin wants to be a currency, it has a very serious problem, a huge instability. I do not see the advantage Bitcoin can give me as a currency if it doesn’t have a minimum stability.”

During the last 12 months, the price of the most popular digital currency has been multiplied by more than 10 times (from 700 to more than 7,000 dollars per unit).

Thus, García Paramés, joined the group of investors and entrepreneurs who prefer to avoid the digital currency and who still doubt about their future.

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