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Important fundamental news exist today in the forex market economic calendar for the UK economy, the Eurozone and the economies of US and Australia. The British Pound is expected today to have increased volatility and price action as economic releases about several business sectors of the economy and the balance of trade figure will be released.

What to watch in the forex market today:

European Session

  1. France Industrial Production, ECB Non-Monetary Policy Meeting

Time: 07:45 GMT, 08:00 GMT

A monthly ECB meeting on non-monetary issues related to external economic relations, market infrastructure and payments, supervision of banks, corporate governance, can have an impact on the Euro and its price action based on the decisions taken. A rising figure for the industrial production in France will be positive for the Euro, but the forecast is for a decline on a monthly basis.

  1. UK Balance of Trade, Industrial Production, Construction Output, Manufacturing Production, Russia Inflation Rate

Time: 09:30 GMT, 13:00 GMT

Increased figures for the various business sectors of the economy in UK, industrial, manufacturing and construction will be supportive and positive for the British Pound, indicating a robust economy which is expanding. Also a narrower balance of trade deficit will be positive for the British Pound, signaling increased demand for goods and services denominated in British Pounds. The inflation rate is expected to remain unchanged at 2.5% in Russia on a yearly basis, which is considered neutral and should probably have little effect on the Russian Ruble and its volatility.

American Session

  1. US Import and Export Prices, Wholesale Inventories, EIA Crude Oil Stocks Change and Gasoline Stocks Change

Time: 13:30 GMT, 15:30 GMT

The Import Price Index measures changes in the price of imported goods and services purchased in the US, while the Export Price Index measures the price changes of US export goods and services. These readings can have an economic impact on the balance of trade, and influence on the US Dollar over time. A rise in prices, may indicate lower demand for US goods and services. But in general higher than expected readings are considered positive for the US Dollar and the US economy.

This is due to the higher demand which is a key driver for increased prices.  Wholesale Inventories is a monthly economic reading released by the US Census Bureau, which measures the change in the number of inventories for the manufacturing sector. Higher than expected or rising readings indicate a slower economic growth and a weaker demand for manufactured products, and lower consumer spending, being negative for the US Dollar. The forecast is for an increase on a monthly basis, with a figure of 0.7%, higher than the previous figure of -0.4%.

Large surprises in the actual versus expected figures for the crude oil and gasoline stocks change can influence the crude oil prices and the USD/CAD currency pair.

Pacific Session

  1. Australia NAB Business Confidence

Time: 00:30 GMT

The Business Confidence Indicator measures the state of the businesses, its coming prospects and the expectations of companies. A rising reading is positive for the Australian Dollar, reflecting increased business confidence, which can have positive results in terms of higher employment and jobs growth, investments, productivity, business spending, all vital elements of a strong economy.

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