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The economic calendar is a chronology of all major events in the financial world – news that helps us to understand how the market is moving at any given moment. Speeches from heads of state of Great Britain and Japan, reports on unemployment in the USA and Europe, inflation indices, GDP and oil resource forecasts–all of it influences the attitudes of market participants. That is why a sound economic calendar is a primary need for every trader. See a specific description of such a calendar below.

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How to Use Economic Calendar in Trading

Economic Calendar was developed for easier tracking of economic news and reports from all over the world. These calendars make it possible to classify the news bу country, significance, date, and type (such as GDP, CPI, labor market and so on). Thus it is possible for traders to predict volatility and plan their risk-management strategy accordingly. lt is important to keep in mind that every economic report has an «optimal value» – if the all the numbers correspond to the optimal values it means that the economy is developing with а good расе and minimal risk, and that is why such an economy is very attractive for investors around the world.

Apart from the importance of specific economic news, market participants also consider the difference between the forecast and the actual results, and also take historical minimum and maximum levels into consideration. Economic news publications and economic reports from countries with developed and developing economies are key events that have impact on rate movements. There are а lot of economic reports published every day, and traders use the market’s reaction to various news items as а signal to open new positions. But among traders, the way to approach trading with this information is somewhat ambiguous:

  • Some traders recommend not to miss the opportunity to capitalize on economic news publications;
  • Others tend to wait for the market to settle and not to make any investments

lt is important to understand that there are а great number of factors that have to be considered before trading along news announcements. lt is also well known that there can be massive and unpredictable volatility in the market when news is announced.

Most Important Events in Calendar

Rate fluctuations due to а single news announcement саn sometimes bе in the range of 80-150 points within just а few minutes. Other news in economic calendar has almost по influence on the market.

Meeting of the representatives of the Central Bank

The appointment of the head of the country’s central bank and the cabinet finance ministers are  very important, as these people аrе responsible for the country’s monetary policy. Economic development depends оn them – whether they emphasize the GDP growth or inflation targeting. Moreover, these people are responsible for interest rate decisions – а key economic factor Usually, interest rate decisions are made during the meetings of central bank representatives, and rate changes are announced right after the meeting.

Press conference

Usually, right after the meeting there is а press conference held bу the leaders of the central bank during which they speak about the overall current economic situation.

Meeting minutes

After two weeks а report of meeting minutes is published, including everything that was discussed during the meeting. It gives traders а better understanding about the vision and methods of solving current problems by the representatives of the central bank, before they  make а long-term decision.

Interest rate decision

Interest rate between 2% and 2,5% is considered to be optimal. Rate cuts lead to economy stimulation. Loans become cheaper for the banks first, then for corporations, and finally for customers. Demand for goods and services increases, as well as economic growth. Before the interest rate decision, such factors as GDP, CPI and labor markets are taken into consideration.


Inflation (CPI = Consumer Price lndex) is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. Due to high inflation, there is а depreciation of the value of money and, consequently, purchasing power is falling. Of course, the general population is interested in low inflation so that their money is not depreciated. But the government want people to spend as much money as possible in order to replenish the state coffers bу collecting taxes. That is why inflation between 2%-2,5% is considered to be optimal, as it suits both governments and people.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within а country’s borders in а specific time period. The higher the number the better the economy. An increase in this value is а sign that the economy is rapidly developing.  However, а very high increase can also be а risk, because the economy could be overheating and GDP might decline sharply That is why GDP between 3%-3,5% is considered to be optimal for countries with а developed economy.

Labor Market and Unemployment Rate

Labor market is а mechanism of supply and demand, which makes it possible to set and to maintain а certain volume of employment and the average level of remuneration. lf the level of unemployment is extremely low then the competition for potential employees will increase and employers will either have to increase the salary or bring employees from abroad. That is why the an unemployment level below 6% is considered to be risky and the government is interested in the development of scientific industries in order to build а more competitive economy, and to provide the opportunity to unemployed people to acquire new specific skills.

Important Tips

lt is important to understand that there is massive volatility in the market after the publication of specific news, and sometimes the rate movement is difficult to explain logically. But understanding the results of those reports is one of the key aspects of success for experienced traders, as this knowledge makes it possible to decrease trading risks. After the announcement of news, market participants do not only compare the published data with the predicted values, but also consider the «optimal values» and рау attention to historical significance and strong deviations.

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    1. why cant i see the calendar points from the closed markets? i want to see all calendars so i can see whats coming.

      1. Hello Bilal, thank you for this question.
        Do you refer to those periods when there is no market activity?
        I would really appreciate if you could give more details – this way I would be able to assist you much faster!
        Thank you in advance!

        1. thanks for the response time.

          i will give you an example: i want to trade EUR/USD at 10:00 a clock (Amsterdam/Holland), i can see the calendar points for Europe at that time but i cant see the calendar points that are scheduled for the USA.

          i would prefer to see all the scheduled calendar points for the day even if the market (USA as example) is closed.

          iam now using a different site to do that, i prefer to use iqoption calendar because that other website hase bigger problems than IQ 😛


          1. Hello, Bilal!

            Thank you for sharing your experience and your suggestions!
            It’s nice that you have found something we can improve 🙂

            Something to work on! Have a great day!

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    1. My friend it’s not easy to make money online .With USD 250 you think you can a million in 6mths or in a year.It’s gimmick .Keep your hard earn money or spend wisely.

      1. It is not that easy to trade successfully.
        The success of your deals depends on your trading skills, knowledge of the financial market and patience! First of all, you may start with the training account, where you may train and gain experience in trading! You may also watch our tutorials, read our blog and check our economic calendar!

        1. I have been trading for a month with my practice account. I will like to know more on the economic calendar. Before investing again. The first time I trade with my main account, I lost every thing.

    2. Hello IQ option, have got some crazy idea on how really we could make this platform more intrusive, have been asked by so many people on how to make payments very easy, well I really do believe have got a very sophisticated way IQ option would benefit a lot only if I’m brought in as a team, have got lots and lots of investors willing to make payment, just due to lack of misread information about this platform had made you lose real investors. I chose IQ option as a platform to increase the very chance of brokers willing to start up something which could increase a great chance of making money online part of a job employment among the youths in Africa as a whole. Nigeria has a led of current investors which are nearly probably trying to earn in a great way. I’m using this medium to make this platform greater than ever.

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    1. yes you can do it but you need to study and understand the market and if your specifically interested in forex then you should know how different events affect the different currencies

          1. Hello sir, thank you for your comment!
            Could you please give us more details of what happened?
            Did you receive your withdrawal? If not – please share your story, we will assist you right away.
            Waiting for your reply!

            IQ Option Team

    2. Kenya ia allowed read full review for IQ here there is a list of countries allowed
      and not accepted

    3. Ingia Tu Ndugu Yangu Hii biashara Hadi sisi Tanzania Ina Fanya Kazi na wanaojifunza na kufanya kwa usahihi wanapata pesa za kutosha

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  5. Looking at the economic calendar, how do one start to look at the calendar as to start trading. It is confusing because I am yet be educated on the trend if trading skill and tactics. Help.

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        1. hello meme my name is brown im belonge from pakistan i don’t know about I Q option because i’m new here please some track trade me how can i start this business hello zukhra

          1. Hi my Friend!
            Thanks for contacting us!

            Trading involves deciding whether the price of the underlying asset is going to increase or decrease. If your prediction is correct, you get profit.
            If you are using IQ Option platform for the first time and if you don’t have much experience, you can start with our video tutorials. https://iqoption.com/en/tutorials

            You can train on your practice balance, and then continue trading with real funds.

            Please don’t hesitate to contact our support department to get a certain help on any question 😉

            Wish you a lovely day and outstanding trading results!

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  10. This is really helpful and educative and I just need to train my conscious mind on knowing how to implement this along to be having winning trading. Your mentoring would be highly appreciated.

  11. Good morning, I think I have the same problem as Micaiah, There are a lot I do not understand. I am petrified to play. I would also appreciate if someone can show me how it is done.
    Thank you so much.
    Kind regards.

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  21. Looking at the Economic calendar, I am tempted to say trading a pair with US$ is going to be profitable this week. What I need to know is how to predict a market based on the calendar. how am I going to know whether I should place the position that is CALLING or vise versa.

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  23. The news expectation from Economic Calender is better but main problem is tha time, where as the time showing on Economic Calender. How can set set/ understand my local time? Anyone can help me about this matter.

    How can I set Economic Calender time to my local time????

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  52. This is really helpful and educative and I just need to train my conscious mind on knowing how to implement this along to be having winning trading. Your mentoring would be highly appreciated.

    1. Good evening!
      For starters, you can free $10.000 demo account for practice and gaining experience.
      Besides, I believe you might get interested in our educational section https://eu.iqoption.com/en/tutorials These are very useful videos and I recommend to watch them carefully because they not only explain the way the trade is made on the platfom but they also describe the technical analysis tools and strategies based on them.
      And the FAQ section is very helpful indeed https://iqoption.com/en/faq/
      You might also consider our Facebook page useful https://www.facebook.com/iqoptioncom.
      Moreover, if you have any questions about trading strategies, tools of technical analysis, you can always address your questions to our specialists in the “Contact support” tab.

  53. This is really helpful and educative and I just need to train my conscious mind on knowing how to implement this along to be having winning trading. Your mentoring would be highly appreciated.

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  65. At last and at least, People can understand each other, in this modem, very much special way to do business, it got everything in its log, small, meduim, big, today, tomorow, ands days after. we just got to know some History.
    Robert Quijada Gopal

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  90. I’m from Philippines, Do you have easier method of payment and withdrawal transaction like using coins.ph? because most of us don’t have bank account.

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  92. hello fellow traders,what is the best strategy for market analysis and what actually is the key aspects that we should look at when conducting a market analysis for excellent trading.

  93. From Botswana i really love this i think its high time to also join the business well in time …thank you guys for such lucrative oportunity.

  94. Mogomotsi Morapedi i really love this even and i will have start with demo and eventual graduate to hardcore account

    1. Hello!
      Please, be advised that “call” means that you believe that the price of the asset will increase when the deal is expired. If your forecast is correct you’ll receive the profit indicated on the right part of the screen: http://prntscr.com/f3kxu3 If your forecast was wrong you’ll lose the amount of your investment.

      “Put” means that you believe that the price of the asset will decrease when the deal is expired. If your forecast is correct you will also receive the profit. But if your forecast was wrong you’ll lose the amount of your investment.

      If you have further questions, contact our support by hotline, email or live chat in your trade room (https://iqoption.com/en/contacts) and we will do our best to help you.
      Thank you!

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  97. I just join now his broker, I would like to know what the company benefits from me as soon as I start trading with your broker? another question if I have to trade with a free account, will I gonna pay back the money or how does it work?

    1. Hello Bherio!
      The company`s profit depends on the trading volume and commissions.

      Funds on free account are virtual and not available for withdrawal. To withdraw your funds from a real account you need to make a deposit.
      The minimum deposit amount = 10$.

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  99. Hellow madam, am a new one in forex and i have already deposit some money and get start trade in real account. i need your help please! if you can, please just help me to understand the political news and get a good entry point, because i am always lose all my capital after make a deposit. even if you have any information/documet or tutarials, my email is there below. please just send it to me.

    1. Hello, Louis!

      There is an option to receive push-ups with the hot news from IQ Option which you may turn on by clicking “Subscribe” in the end of the newsletters from IQ Option (the ones you receive on your email).
      Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to receive the news alert for the economic calendar in particular, but you may check them by entering your trade room and clicking “More”.

      By the way, it’s a great idea to implement! Thank you for the hint!

      We wish you a great day and outstanding trading results.

      1. O.k thanks alot. IQ Option is truely “THE ULTIMATE TRADING EXPERIENCE” from a complete novice point of view. Combining both Fundamental & Technical Analysis for traders profits. One word describes IQ Option best: “AWESOME”!!!!!

  100. I’m looking forward to know much about economic calendar, since I do have small knowledge about trade market’s and I hope I’ll adapt quickly.
    Thanks IQ option(Mai)

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    1. Hello and thank you for your comment.
      I am sorry that your trading was unprofitable. Please note that trading always involves risk.

      Success in trading depends on various factors:

      – Your experience
      – Emotions control
      – Your investment strategies
      – Your trading patterns

      I will be happy to provide you with training materials that you can check and try on Practice account.

      With us you are able to discover thousands of trading and investment opportunities.
      Crypto, Forex,Options – what do you like?


      Let me know if you have any questions left. Wish you a lovely day!

    1. Hello, thank you for your question.

      Let me share with you a useful site, where you can always check local time in comparison with GMT time.

      GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. It is the clock time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

      GMT is used as the standard time against which all the other time zones.

      I have just checked for you, Tanzania time will be GMT+3

      Hopefully it was useful!

      Let us know if you have any other questions or ideas!

    1. Hello Henry, thank you so much for your feedback.
      If we managed to help you in trading – our mission is accomplished.
      Stay tuned for much more useful content.

      Best regards,

      IQ Option Team

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  103. On the economic calendar, what does it means by 1 fire, 2 fire or 3 fire?
    Some of the events only have 1 flame while the rest have 2 or 3 flames indicator/legend.

  104. Hello, I’d like to save the videos of these training. It would be difficult for me to save more GB in my internet if i keep on watching them again and again. How can I save this videos or where should I go save one of these. Thank you

    1. Hello sir and thank you for your comment!

      Unfortunately we don’t have integrated possibility to download videos.
      As an option you could use a software for screen-recording.
      Let us know how it goes, we are here for you!

      IQ Option Team

    1. Hello Anyenya Ernest, we wish you the best of luck in trading 🙂
      If you have some questions in the future – please let us know.

      IQ Option Team

    1. Hello, Somang!
      Thank you so much!
      We would not be where we are without the continuous support of our traders!
      Wish you a lovely day and fantastic trading results!

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    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for joining 🙂

      During national holidays like Christmas, Easter, and others, the banks might be closed and that will slow down your withdrawal. We kindly ask you to keep that in mind while creating a withdrawal request during that time.

      In case you need any assistance regarding your account with us, you are always welcome to reach us at support@iqoption.com. Have a great day!

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  108. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Great work!

    1. Hello Dear, thank you so much for your feedback.
      We try to do our best and to provide you with the right information.
      We have our team working on that 🙂


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