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IQ Option continues to provide the best customer service to its clients. We’ve made some drastic interface changes as well as in the functionality of the platform, applying the latest achievements in the IT industry and web design. Our traders can be assured that they are getting the best experience by trading with IQ Option.

Open up to 4 charts in one browser window

multigraph IQ Option

No other binary options broker has ever introduced such a feature before. Now you won’t have to use different monitors in order to be able to follow several charts and not to miss the right moment to execute a trade. It has also become a lot more convenient to follow the price of an asset in different time frames using slow and fast indicators. All this makes trading with IQ Option even more professional.



New section: up-to-date market news

In order to trade successfully it is very important to follow the news in financial markets. Now our platform has a new section that offers the most important real time news from one of the leading financial websites investing.com. This feature will be especially welcomed by those traders whose strategies are based on fundamental analysis.

best traders

Follow the most successful traders

Now there’s a list of top traders with the most successful stories. You can analyze trading of a particular trader and try to repeat achievements of those who received the highest income in a certain period of time.

The results of the most profitable trades of users from all over the world are now available in Best deals section. The higher your profits are in one expiration, the higher your chances are to be at the top of the list.

Real time signals


Our signals will help you to be a successful trader even if you are already familiar with technical analysis. They are based on one simple principle – the trend is your friend. Signals are generated automatically with the help of indicators and technical analysis and inform you of sharp trend changes of one of the assets. All signals are rated on a 5 point scale. The strongest signal will have 5 points and the weakest – 1 point. Clicking on a signal will take you to a window with an asset’s quotes, which will allow you to estimate how useful the signal is to you.

New trading history


Trading history has become even more informative. You can view all your closed trades as an image. The image will show the moment of buying an option, the price movement on the chart and the time of expiration, the duration of the trade and the trade amount are also indicated. You can choose to share the results of any trade with your friends on social networks and tell them about your success in trading binary options.

Minor changes that will make your trading a more pleasant experience:

Share your success with your friends


Now you can see all your trades as images along with all the details of your trades: the amount paid, the profit earned and the duration of the trade. All images will be automatically added to your social network profile. This feature will only be available to those traders who linked their Facebook or VKontakte profile to their IQ Option account.

Customize your your platform


Now all the settings such as the type of chart, the color theme and zoom settings will be saved and you won’t have to customize your platform each time you trade. All the indicators and lines are saved for a particular asset even if you closed your browser accidentally.

We want to emphasize not only the functionality of the platform but also the visual aspect. Experienced traders claim that it is more comfortable to use the dark theme while trading at night. Try it out and decide for yourself. Every trader can customize his own platform. It is your decision whether to choose the dark or the light theme.

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